About Us

NH Purchasers Group on Health

The NH Purchasers Group is comprised of leadership from the State of New Hampshire Employee Health Benefits Program, the University System of New Hampshire, HealthTrust serving municipalities, schools and county governments throughout NH, and the New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition, a joint labor/management partnership providing health benefits to public employees throughout the state.

Learn more at www.nhpgh.org.

NH Citizens Health Initiative

The NH Citizens Health Initiative seeks to create a system of care that promotes health, where quality is assured and care is accessible, affordable, effective and safe. The long term goal of the Initiative is to create and sustain a public dialogue that will measurably improve the "systems" that finance and provide health care in New Hampshire in order to accomplish two fundamental objectives:

  • Assure a healthy population
  • Create an effective system of care.

To this end, the Initiative provides support for the NH Purchasers Group on Health.

Learn more at www.citizenshealthinitiative.org.