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New Hampshire Purchasers Group
New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative

Welcome to the NH Hospital Cost and Quality Scorecard

People use cost and quality information all the time – when deciding what car or television to buy, what hotel to stay in or where to eat. People are aware of the quality of schools and the cost of taxes; however, getting good quality and cost information about medical care is typically difficult.

Despite the investment of more than ten billion dollars annually for health care in NH and more than two trillion dollars for the nation, the United States ranks last, or 19th out of 19, in terms of quality when compared to other industrialized nations such as Iceland, France, Japan and Italy.

The NH Purchasers Group on Health has created the NH Hospital Scorecard in response to the need for more information about the cost and quality of health care in NH. As four of the largest public entities in NH, purchasing health care for more than 120,000 members, we felt it was our responsibility to not only highlight the quality and cost of care in our state, but that it was imperative that we do something to improve quality where lacking.

The NH Hospital Scorecard is our first effort at highlighting quality, both good and poor, and getting the public and the systems that provide medical care involved in a conversation about what we can collectively do to improve quality and cost.

Please take some time now, and again when you need to access medical care, to understand where hospitals stand in terms of quality and cost. We encourage you to also access other sources of quality information and have a dialog with your physician about quality care and the right treatment options.




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